What field of study would be best if I also plan on becoming a mother someday?

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Here are three things I’m considering majoring next fall at a University. I want to be able to have a job in the future that allows for me to stay home with my kids if I get married and have any. Which major would be best for that?

National Security
Hospital Administration

ANY OTHER SUGGESTED MAJORS ARE WELCOME! I’m still exploring my options. :)


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ibu guru

Women with children hold all kinds of jobs! Used to be women went into school teaching so they could get home around the time their own child got out of school. That notion still works for a lot of women, but options now are endless.

First, never assume you are getting married, having kids, and staying home while they are young. Life spits out curveballs, and you never know what might hit you. Aim for that if you wish, but never revolve all your plans around that as none of that may ever transpire. You must choose a CAREER that you can love and live with for your entire life, and that suits your talents, abilities, interests, etc. And any career can be put on hold for a few years, should events cooperate with your dreams.

Delete “national security.” Add accounting, office management, corporate exec, attorney, doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist, teacher/professor, business owner, graphic designer. . . There’s oodles more! So where do your TALENTS, abilities, interests, etc, lie?

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