Stress-Free Is the Only Way to Tackle Toilet Training

Every parent and child will one day have to deal with the joys of learning to use the toilet, or potty as some of us prefer to call it. For most parents, and kids, it becomes something that we stress over. There are so many questions, accidents, and unwanted advice from everyone that you may know. The truth is you do not need to worry about potty training. It will happen for you and your child when the time is right and going at it in a stress-free way is the only way to tackle toilet training.
The Advice of Others
Everyone from well-meaning friends and family, and maybe even the lady in your favorite store, will try to tell you that they had their child potty trained quickly and easily before their child was two. They will say you must make the child toilet train, now.
We say, it doesn’t matter if your child is four and still has accidents. We can also say that no one, no matter how well-meaning they are, can tell you how to potty train the child that you are raising. Just because their child was early to train doesn’t mean every child is going to work the same way.
Your Family, Your Child, and Your Situation
If you are a family that is always on the go, it may be harder for you to get your child ready and willing to use the toilet. After all, no one wants to deal with an accident while out shopping, and bouncing between diapers and toilets can be confusing for young kids. This means you and your child have to be more ready and perhaps older before you start trying. You will want to know that they are able to hold it effectively based on the number of diapers they use throughout the day.
Some kids are also not willing to potty early. Boys and girls are different, with girls generally potty training faster according to some. Independent child may go potty faster than children that are more dependent. You know your child. You know what you both are ready for.
The Montessori Way of Training
Montessori toilet training will tell you that you need to wait for your child to be ready for the toilet if you want a stress-free transition. This means allowing them the time they need to want to be a big kid. You can encourage it by talking about toilet training, but give them a chance to show that they are ready.

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